My Mom Has Alzheimer's
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My mother and I have dependably been close, however now we're conjoined. After she was determined to have more early onset Alzheimer's ailment five years back, I've been caring for her.

As it were, her analysis wasn't an astonishment in light of the fact that 75 percent of our family has passed on with Alzheimer's.

At that point I found out about the Alzheimer's Association. From that point forward, they've been with us at all times. I truly don't know what we'd do without them. I've taken in a great deal about the sickness from the Association, and I've utilized such a large number of suggestions they give.

These services are essential to families like mine, and your tax deductible blessing will aid individuals like us who are confronting this remorseless and lethal malady today. Every one of us can have an effect and help in the battle to end Alzheimer's. Anything you can give will be valued.

With respect to me, I don't need my nieces and nephews — or anybody in the cutting edge — to get this illness that has hit our family so hard. So I join gatherings, converse with the media and take an interest in a clinical study, which I found out about through TrialMatch®, an Alzheimer's Association program.

I cherish my mom with my entire existence, and I know I may be chosen to have Alzheimer's sickness sometime in the future, as well. We're progressing in the direction of a cure, yet we require your assistance. Together, we are stronger. If it's not too much trouble give what you can. Many thanks to you.




“Under the care of Leo J. Borrell, M.D. since December 2001, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my mother’s condition. She is responding dramatically to the new regiment Dr. Borrell has prescribed”

- Beth Rose


Feb 3, 2008

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by Dr. Leo J. Borrell, featured in Assisted Living Consult for November/December 2006. A HealthCom Media Publication