Trading in the Obamacare Lemon
by Dr. Jane M. Orient; washingtontimes. com; 8/21/13

October, the month when everybody is supposed to get health insurance, is just 6 weeks away.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being expended attempting to spiff up and market the mythical Obamacare product, which is like a totally loaded sports vehicle with chrome wheels. It seems fantastic on the showroom floor. The only issue is, there is hardly any resource that can power its motor.

The overall economy operates on voluntary transactions that are mutually beneficial to purchaser and seller. Obamacare is designed to run on coercion — “incentives” that are really punishments. Buy this health package — or else. Provide the stated services and the gigabytes of compliance information — or deal with a penalty.

A high-performance engine can't be powered by galley slaves.

To help make Obamacare run will demand massive numbers of people behaving in ways that are in contrast to their own pursuits. It is dependent upon younger healthy persons investing the rent money on health plans that will mostly benefit high-risk people. It depends upon businesses continuing to utilize full-time workers when it is significantly to their advantage to steer clear of hiring and to cut the workweek. It depends on physicians continuing to care for the sick when they only get paid for withholding costly care. Furthermore, it depends on physicians keeping their offices open despite the possibility that they won’t get paid at all during sixty of the 90 days of the insurance “grace period.”

The people who will get paid are the overseers and the promoters.

The specialist consultants can’t find out how the exchanges are supposed to work. Guidelines haven’t been prepared yet, or the legislation as passed is simply unworkable. It requires a number of elements that don’t even exist, like use of nonprofit reinsurance organizations.

Still, in some way “navigators” from agencies such as Planned Parenthood, with twenty to 30 hours of online instruction, will be qualified to understand how to sign up millions of people, and in a culturally and linguistically sensitive style. Whether the exchanges can process the application or take payment, especially from individuals who don’t have a banking account, is difficult and certainly untested. Obtaining a physician for the suffering is not in the navigators’ job description.

It appears that the majority of of the cash infusion is going to come from taxpayer financial assistance. Since the federal government can’t figure out how to authenticate the earnings information required to assess the subsidies, it will just trust people to tell the truth for now (and perhaps punish them later). Just how much money will be bled from various other programs — or charged to the government’s maxed-out credit card — is a great unknown.

Obamacare is a contraption that can't work as intended. At the same time, as in the Cash for Clunkers program, the federal government is smashing the outdated designs. There will no longer be an individual insurance marketplace with risk-based prices for catastrophic coverage. Tens of thousands of insurance policies have been canceled, and there is no longer an inducement for individuals to buy insurance coverage while healthy, just a tax penalty for not purchasing it. The Constitution and the rule of law are being demolished — the administration is merely determining what to enforce and what to ignore. The destruction of independent health care practices is well underway.

Funds being poured straight into Obamacare implementation are being wasted on attempting to foist this lemon off on buyers and on destroying both the existing individual medical system and taxpaying successful businesses throughout the economic system.

Responsible members of Congress from both parties have to defund this monster. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may threaten to shut down the remainder of the federal government to preserve their signature creation on life-support, but this creation will wreak much greater devastation later.

If Mr. Obama gives Congress a choice — short-term shutdown now or irreversible destruction afterwards — let us hope there are enough leaders with the vision and courage to choose the smaller catastrophe.




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