They Put A Pre-School In A Nursing Home And It Changed Everyone's Life
from; 8/26/15

In spite of mainstream thinking, nursing homes can be desolate spots for elderly individuals. Truth be told, it is not phenomenal for elderly individuals to encounter social seclusion that is connected with sadness and depression. Many people trust that a nursing home would mitigate these issues, however these emotions of melancholy don't go away, much of the time they just compound.

In the Western world, a nursing home is the most widely recognized spot for seniors to go once they achieve a particular age. It appears this is symptomatic of our society, in light of the fact that in numerous different nations the elderly individuals live with their youngsters and the kids deal with them in their old age. They would never long for dropping their guardians off into a home in light of the fact that their guardians have come to a sure point in their lives where it is troublesome for them to nurture themselves.

In Providence Mount St. Vincent, Seattle, WA, something astounding has happened at the Inter-Generational Learning Center to guarantee that the elderly individuals at their nursing home are upbeat.

They chose to put a pre-school in a nursing home. Relatives and staff were all enjoyably astonished to see the colossal contrast it made in the lives of both the elderly and the kids.

Movie producer Evan Briggs was so inspired by the positive effect this thought had on everyone that he chose to record the story and make it into a film, with expectations of bringing issues to light about this creative undertaking.

When you consider it, this bodes well. Kids and elderly individuals share a considerable measure of likenesses and have a ton to offer one another. The kids give superb organization to the seniors and can absolutely light up their days! What do you think about this? Would you be able to see some advantage in consolidating pre-schools with nursing homes all the more every now and again?




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