Recovering From Depression and Difficulty: Finding Meaning in Adversity
by A. Solomon, PhD;; October 15, 2014

What will be the mechanisms of resilience for people dealing with major depression or other life challenges? Is it safer to run from such difficulties once they are resolved, and never look back, in order to incorporate them right into a fluent life narrative?

In this brief video, Andrew Solomon, PhD, author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression and Far From the Tree: Parents, Children along with the Search for Identity, reflects on both depression along with the experiences of parents whose children have various stigmatized illnesses or identities. He covers how psychiatrists and psychologists may support depressed or traumatized patients foster resilience by helping the crooks to find meaning of their travails without trivializing their pain.

Dr Solomon is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University and Special Advisor on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Mental Health at Yale School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. See it: -and-difficulty-finding-meaning-adversity?GUID=E132CBC0-6AA9-4A8A-B5A2- BB5DF54F81EE&rememberme=1&ts=1810201




“Under the care of Leo J. Borrell, M.D. since December 2001, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my mother’s condition. She is responding dramatically to the new regiment Dr. Borrell has prescribed”

- Beth Rose


Feb 3, 2008

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