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7 Methods to Avoid Medicare Insurance Traps As Well As Costly Blunders

Active Aging Toolkit

Alzheimer's Disease Bill of Rights

Alzheimer's Is Not Waiting

by Dr. Leo Borrell: President and Senior Consultant

Am I Too Old to Exercise?

Cell Phones for Seniors and Hearing Aids: M & T Ratings

Choosing a Nursing Home

Christmas Stories From Our Staff

Dementia-A Focused Review

Fallacious Reasoning and Complexity

as Root Causes of Clinical Inertia

Richard W Miles, MD American Medical Directors Assoc 2007

Guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease Management

Judicious Utilization of Electronic Mail in Clinical Practice

Light Treatment Imparts Quick Alleviation for SAD

Making Resolutions Which Perform

Medical Decision-Making Capability of Patients With Dementia

A Musical Method for Unlocking Memories

Myths and Reality on Causes of Drug-Induced Depression

Summarized from:
Rogers, Donald PharmD, BCPS and Pies, Ronald MD General Medical Drugs Associated
with Depression. Psychiatry. Vol. 5, No. 12. Dec 2008. 28-41
Sidhu, Kanwaldeep S. and Balon, Richard. Watch for Nonpsychotropics Causing Psychiatric
Side Effects. Current Psychiatry. April 2008. Vol.7, No. 4. 61-74.

Nursing Staff Training Manual for Agitation and Aggression is in

the Eye of the Beholder

by Dr. Leo Borrell: President and Senior Consultant
Steven Coats: Clinical Field Coordinator and District Manager
Tracy Campbell: LCSW- New Home Start-Up Coordinator

Obesity and Psychiatric Troubles: Associations and Most Beneficial Treatment Alternatives

Onerous Details That Damage Patients

Overview of Seniors

by Dr. Leo Borrell: President and Senior Consultant

Questionnaire for Nursing Homes

Scientists Attempt to Tabulate Secrets of the Aged

A Team Approach to Mental Health Treatment

by Dr. Leo Borrell: President and Senior Consultant

Useful Implications of a Report on Caring for Chronic Insomnia

Understanding Why Patients Who Take More Than Nine Medications May or May Not be Recieving Quality Care

by Dr. Leo Borrell: President and Senior Consultant


“Under the care of Leo J. Borrell, M.D. since December 2001, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my mother’s condition. She is responding dramatically to the new regiment Dr. Borrell has prescribed”

- Beth Rose


Feb 3, 2008

The Interdisciplinary Team; The Role of the Psychiatrist

by Dr. Leo J. Borrell, featured in Assisted Living Consult for November/December 2006. A HealthCom Media Publication